World News 13/02/2014

Nac activties to protect consumers

The controls National Plan for consumers’ protection 2014 carried out by the Nac has begun. The plan foreseen controls on the agri food supply chain throughout the whole national territory and it is part of the national strategy to fight counterfeits and frauds. Since the beginning of the year 87 enterprises of the agri food sector were controlled and products were seized because without traceability, counterfeited and with illegal evocation of Pdo, Pgi and Stg and organic labels. Thanks to the special activities carried out to verify the traceability of the products and through laboratory analyses, the Nac seized 1,254 kg of products, including wines, falsely Pdo cheeses, oil presented as extra virgin olive oil but resulting to be mixed with oilseed,, tuna commercialized as national tuna, fresh and conserved in extra vergin olive oil, resulting to be, instead, imported, frozen and conserved in refined oil.

The seizures also concerned 219.300 false labels, with improper evocation of Pdo, Pgi and organic labels, that could deceived the consumers. The controls also focused on verifying the legality of the EU financing received by enterprises. These were done by obtaining the enterprises’ files and carrying out special controls “in the field” that allowed to identify 1.247.516 euro of illegal funding: Now the revenue has started actions to recover the funds. On the international level, the Nac demanded the activation of the procedures of international police cooperation with the Interpol, Europol to protect the Made in Italy products abroad for some specific cases signalled by the protection Consortia. Thus the operative activity aimed at protecting consumers and legal competitiveness in the market continues. In 2013 the Nac controlled 3121 agri food enterprises, seizing 9,5 thousand tonnes of products and more that 3 million illegal labels, signalling to the Interpol 70 cases of false Made in Italy abroad. Moreover they discovered 28,3 million euro of illegal EU financing, seized goods for 6,7 million euro and 2055 people referred to the judicial authority.

di S. C.