World News 07/04/2014

Olive oil, operation of the Italian authorities Icqrf and Coast Guard

A cistern of Spanish olive oil without transportation documents, thus subjected to the risk of changing the product’s origin, was seized Salerno

The seizure of the Spanish oil was carried out thanks to the operation, that begun in the night of the 3rd of April in some Italian sea ports and was carried out by about forty inspectors of the Icqrf and the militaries of the Port Authorities. This operation is part of a wider action aimed at controlling EU and non EU quality olive oil, introduced in the national territory.
The activities, programmed for the next days, will allow to control more than 1000 tons of oil and are aimed at verifying the regularity of the transitions and monitor the quality level of the product, by means of tests done directly from the auto cisterns on board of the vessels.
The operation of two control organs of the Ministry was carried out in the framework of the specific protocol agreed between the Icqrf and Coast Guard, aimed at favouring the exchange of data and information on sea transport of agri-food products, useful to favour a more effective control system.
Also thanks to this protocol, during 2013 and the first months of last year, the Icqrf has seized oil falsely declared as extra virgin olive oil for a total value of 4 million euro.
“We will continue in this direction – Minister Martina commented – to fight against the counterfeiting and repress frauds. The Ministry, thanks to the collaboration between its control institutions, uses all the energies available to contrast unfair competitiveness, so as to protect the national productions and consumers who should be sure of the origin and quality of the food they buy.”

di S. C.