World News 07/04/2014

No crisi for Italian wines: exports up by 37% from 2008

Year by year increases in international sales by now for the first time worth more than 5 billion euros and growth in 2013 by a further 7% over the previous year. In just five years, export have expanded 3,673 to 5,039 billion euros

Wine is the spearhead for Italian food exports. Even in 2013, according to Istat data processed by Vinitaly-Assoenologi, the sector posted +7.3% over the previous year, earning it leadership among food products sold abroad. A double record was actually achieved, since for the first time sales broke through the 5 billion euro barrier, confirming its role as a driving force for the economy of the country. This is an all the more impressive result if one considers the downturn of almost 1 million hectolitres in export volumes (the total figure fell to 20.4 million from 21.3 in 2012) and the simultaneous increase in average unit value, up from 2.20 to 2.47 euros/litre (+12.3%).
Growth knows no crisis and has moved constantly up from 3,673 million euros in 2008 to 5,039 millions in 2013 (+37% over the five-year period).
Two reference markets together take over 41% of total exports: the United States and Germany, both worth more than 1 billion euros. Many of the major outlet markets for Italian wine have achieved two-figure growth in value. This is the case in the United Kingdom which posted a leap of +15.4% from 535 to 618 million euros, thanks to sensational growth in sparkling wine imports, as well as the interesting recovery by Russia: +14.4% to 114 million euros.
Another important exploit was seen in Sweden, with +15.2% to set a new record of 141 million euros. Norway achieved very positive market trends at +12%, with growth in just one year of 10 million euros from 77 to 87 millions.
In North America, the United States saw an interesting resumption in imports from 1,006 to 1,078 million euros (+7.1%); Canada, thanks to a recovery after the downturn in the first part of the year, closed 2013 at 280 million euros (-1% compared to 2012).
In the far East, China saw a deceleration in values of -3%, while Japan held steady with the same result as in 2012: 154 million euros. Medium-sized markets such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan were rather more lively. Two-figure growth was achieved in Vietnam (+28.3%), Malaysia (+39.2%) and the Philippines (+19.7%).
Interesting items include the appearance on the horizon of another global player: Africa. While this area still does not rank among the large markets, it certainly deserves attention in order to seize emerging opportunities as they now come to the fore.

"2013 was very rewarding for Italian wine cellars," said Giuseppe Martelli, Director General of Assoenologi. Breaking through the 5 billion euro barrier and having built two markets each worth more than one billion euros, against a background of falling export volumes, are evidence of how Italian wine is successful and appealing to international consumers."

"There are very positive expectations for the 48th edition of Vinitaly, which confirms its status thanks to intense incoming efforts on the most interesting emerging and established markets and the International Buyer's Lounge," said Giovanni Mantovani, CEO of Veronafiere. This new initiative envisages b2b meetings with selected international operators in the Taste and Buy area, as well as tasting in the International Buyers' Lounge Wine Store, where wines "designed" by producers for overseas markets can be promoted among all foreign operators attending the show."

Source: Istat data processed by Vinitaly-Assoenologi

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