World News 14/04/2014

Thanks to the “Fuente” operation it was discovered a fraud in the olive oil sector

The Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies informs that the Icqrf, in collaboration with the Guardia di Finanza of Siena, conducted an important operation that discovered a fraud in the commerce and recycling of olive oil.

The “Fuente” operation, thanks to 15 controls at the important enterprises working at national and international levels and monitor activities of the oils coming from abroad to the main Italian ports, allowed the discovery of the fact that in the national territory were being introduced so called “deodorised” oils, bad quality raw material subjected to industrial treatments of rafinatation and thus unsuitable to obtain extra virgin olive oil.
“Our commitment towards safeguarding the quality and safety of the Italian extra virgin olive oil is total, as Icqrf’s operation has demonstrated. We are at the first place in Europe in the controls of the agri food sector, in 2013 130 thousand operations were carried out. We have to continue on this road in order to maintain the quality level of controls and to improve their effectiveness.” The Minister of agricultural food and forestry policies Maurizio Martina declared.

di S. C.