World News 16/05/2014

Pdo and Pgi on the web, new tools of the Italian food promotion and protection

The agreement was signed between the Ministry of agricultural, eBay and Aicig

The goal of the agreement is to reinforce the protection, promotion, valorisation and information on the Italian Pdo and Pgi productions also among the consumers that use eBay, favouring the presence of authentic and quality Italian products on the online markets.
The Italian Pdo and Pgi products, in fact, represent 40% of the whole production with EU certification, with the total income of 7 billion euro. It is an asset that the institutions, associations and entrepreneurs intend to guarantee also on eBay, one of the biggest world online marketplace and the first one in Italy with more than 4,5 million of active users. In fact, on the web there are always more and more cases of sales of counterfeited and false Made in Italy and Pdo and Gpi products .
The agreement focuses on the Programme to verify the owner’s rights (VeRo), a system that involves more than 37 thousands active users and allows its owners of intellectual property rights to inform on violations. Thanks to the VeRo programme, the Icqrf of the Mipaaf in collaboration with the Aicig, will send to eBay “news on violations of intellectual rights in relation to the Prdo and Pgi productions”.
eBay is committed in removing the announcements were there are violations concerning Pdo and Pgi products. Contextually the Icqrf activates the protection procedures of the products throughout the whole territory of the Eu in order to block the sale of the concerned products.
“This agreement – the Minister declared – is part of the strategic actions that we are going to launch for the protection and valorisation of the Made in Italy agri food products. Thanks to this agreement with eBay we will intervene on two fields: to stop false products and promote the authentic ones. We will have the possibility to signal the violations on the indications, thus fighting the Italian sounding false products. At the same time we promote the recognition from the part of the users of the Network of our quality products and the commercial presence of our real Pdo and Pgi ones. Lets us remembers that Italy is the leader in Europe with 264 recognised products, with a total income of 9 billion euro. These numbers would increase if we recover the space occupied by the false products.”

Source: Aiol

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