World News 22/05/2014

Franciacorta sales grow in 2014

Italian sparkling wine region Franciacorta Consorzio has announced that overall global sales of Franciacorta wines have grown 7% in volume and 9% in value since the start of the year

The figures were unveiled at the Franciacorta Consorzio members' general assembly, which met earlier this month. Franciacorta president Maurizio Zanella commented: "2013 continued our positive trajectory, but we are also extremely pleased with the first few months of 2014, particularly in comparison to the same period last year."

Zanella explained that success is partially attributable to an increase in Franciacorta Consorzio's annual promotional budget abroad, going from 13% of its annual budget in 2012, to 22% in 2013 and 37% in 2014. Zanella said: "The Franciacorta brand itself is generating real excitement and the quality of the wines even more so. This trend is evident across all foreign markets where we are present, with the US, the UK, Japan and Germany all responding extremely positively to our message of a wine culture that puts 'quality in first place'."

Zanella also reported that the 2013 vintage was: "Certainly not abundant, but created no significant problems. In terms of quality, I think that the ultimate results will be up to everyone's expectations. The vintage should be a success for all those involved in the production chain."

di S. C.