World News 26/05/2014

Irregular flowering in olive groves in Spain

The weather in the coming weeks will determine the extent of the crops but the situation is already compromised where it is harvested very late. The association Asaja calls for " prudence and caution"

It ' been over for only a few weeks in Spain the oil campaign and already you look at the next. Flowering time and therefore also indications on the possible production load of autumn here.

The initial estimates are characterized by high variability, a certain approximation and gave some contrasting but give the picture of the Spanish olive growing optimistic.

According to the secretary of the association COAG , Juan Luis Avila, "the situation is extremely heterogeneous, with a highly variable flowering, not at all consistent, even between neighboring plots."

One thing, however, is manifest. In areas where , due to the heavy rains, the harvest was delayed there is virtually no flower, while in other areas the situation is less dramatic because "the plants were able to recover.

According to the secretary of COAG , however, the situation is " ot bad , better than originally expected.
Similar impressions even from the president of the association of cooperatives in Andalusia  Pablo Carazo confirms a very irregular flowering but is cautious to say that the next oil campaign should be average

The director of Asaja Jaen calls for " rudence and caution" especially for production estimates because the situation is extremely heterogeneous. According to Luis Carlos Valero must wait and see how it goes fruit set also because there has been little rain in the months of April and May , and this could have a negative impact, especially in non-irrigated olive groves.

Overall, however, all analysts are expecting a production of over one million tons , so there is cautious optimism because even after the record production of this campaign ( nearly 1.8 million tonnes) was expected a year of discharge .

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