World News 20/06/2014

Nicaraguan chocolate once again praised internationally

Nicaraguan chocolate bars were awarded silver and gold medals in the 2014 European Plain/Origin Bar Semi-Final and the European Open Competition of the International Chocolate Awards. The competition was judged at the Palazzo Gaddi in Florence, Italy, on February 27-March 3, 2014.

Mikkel Friis-Holm, a Danish small chocolate maker, participated with four bars made of Ingemann’s fine Nicaraguan chocolate. All four bars won awards: in the prestigious category of Dark Plain/Origin Bars, Friis-Holm won gold with his “Johe 70%” bar, and two silvers with his “Nicaliso 70%” and “Chuno 70% TresVolteos” bars; while in the category of Milk Plain/Origin Bars, his “Leche Oscura 65%” bar won silver.

Lars Saquero Møller, General Manager of Ingemann, applauded Friis-Holm’s achievements. “These are rewards for his dedication and passion, and indirectly for Ingemann’s commitment of providing the finest quality cocoa beans”, acknowledged Saquero Møller. “We are proud to have Mikkel as a one of our clients and we wish him the best at the International Chocolate Awards this year”, he added.

Ingemann is a family-owned and managed supplier of fine cocoa and honey from Nicaragua. Together with a mother company in Denmark they produce an array of different types of cocoa with clearly distinguished flavor profiles for the fine chocolate industry worldwide. Currently, Ingemann has 1 million trees producing fine cocoa in Nicaragua.

Last year, Friis-Holm won gold and silver at the 2013 World Final of the International Chocolate Awards that took place in October at the first London Salon du Chocolat. The renowned competition evaluated over 800 products to recognize the best quality chocolate from around the world.

di S. C.