World News 29/09/2014

In India encouraging results in the production of olive oil

At the moment the production is 100 tons but the will is to make Rajasthan a center specialized olive oil, thanks to the seven pilot companies that will become much more

Due to Israelian technical assistance, both with regard to the agronomy and cultivation both for the milling business, India plans to develop the cultivation of olives in the country, particularly in the agricultural region of Rajasthan.

At the moment the production is about 100 tons of olive oil but it could grow much in the next few years if it will expand the cultivation of the seven companies pilot who now occupy many areas soil and climate of the area.

The local government had initiated the trial in 2007, also to test the adaptability of the olive tree in these areas. No problem agronomic particular, neither of acclimatization and the average yield was 15%.

"This will change the agro-economy of the area and the crop will have a great success, so we installed a mill in the district of Bikaner - said Agriculture Minister Prabhu Lal Saini - so people can experience the flavor of the olives and oil cultivated in Rajasthan. We are planning to sell olive oil under the brand name Raj oil ".

Currently there are less than 300 hectares was planted with olive trees in India. Seven main varieties planted: Barnea, Arbequina, coratina, Picholine, Picual, Frantoio and Koroneiki. In all farms pilot olive trees are drip irrigated.

"Our goal is to get to 5000 hectares olivetati in the coming years," said Saini.

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