World News 31/10/2014

Olive oil production in Andalusia drop of 56%

The Department of Agriculture estimates that the province of Jaen bad harvest will lose € 4 million in wages. No alarm for Infaoliva:  extra virgin stocks will be sufficient for the market

It will be a poor oil campaign in Andalusia, with a production of 643 thousand tons of olive oil, a decrease of 56% compared to last year according to data from the Department of Agriculture of the region.

The high spring temperatures have damaged the flowering and subsequent fruit set.

It will be the province of Jaen in the most affected by the decline in production. Will be produced only 250 thousand tons of olive oil, then equal to the Italian production, a figure which is still half the output of the average of the last five campaigns and 64% less than last season.

Following Cordoba, with an estimated production of 147 thousand tons, a decrease of 46% over the last five campaigns and 59% from last year. In detail, to suffer less will be the area of Seville where the decrease compared to 2013/14, of 25% followed by Malaga (-48%) and Granada (-48%).

In Almeria the decline in production will be 24% over the last five years and by 22% compared to last season, with an output of 7800 tons. Cadiz also see a 20% drop compared to last season. In contrast only Huelva, where it will produce 5900 tons, a 19% increase over last year.

According to the Department of Agriculture Andalusian oil season the poor will lead to a loss of € 4 million in wages for workers in the province of Jaen, but, at the press conference of presentation of the data, the operators wanted to reassure the market and consumers .

Infaoliva, representing the Spanish olive oil industry, have made it clear that the offer will cover the question anyway, thanks to the stock of the previous year.

Luis Carlos Valero, director of Asaja, said the data show that "the current campaign will mirror the 2012/2013 season, including prices will be similar to that campaign."

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