World News 30/11/2014

Two Italians in Taipei for the culture of the extra virgin olive oil

Marco Antonucci and Fausto Borella, collaborators of Teatro Naturale, despite the crisis this year, continue undeterred to divulge to the world the culture of extra virgin Italian and in December will be in Taipei

In December, the company Clubalogue will organize  in Taipei, capital of Taiwan, a course of approach and disclosure related to the world of extra. To do this tge company asked Marco Antonucci, coordinator of the International Olive Oil Experts and Fausto Borella, founder of Maestrod'olio, to keep the entire course in English, which will be divided in two classes and will take place inside the prestigious Palais de Chine Hotel from '8 to 14 December.

Two aspects, however, characterize - and draw attention - on the course.

The first is the "students", which will be chefs and buyers. This highlights a particular attention from operators toward foods that are not part of their traditional culture but that may well be part of it: an attention that is sometimes hard to find in other states where olive oil is more common and known compared to oil obtained from the seeds.

The second aspect concerns "oils" that will be used. The two speakers in fact have personally selected forty different oils from all over Italy, trying to well represent all regions.

The oils will be taken personally by the teachers in the original bottles, will be included in a list which will then be delivered to the local press, and - at the end of the course - will stay in Taipei as if they were a sort of "flag" Made in Italy extra virgin.

"We always want more and better know the products Italian - tells Xiaowen Huang, owner of Clubalogue and organizer of the course - and to do so for several years we personally visit the manufacturers and try their products. It seemed like a natural consequence invite in our country some experts who know these products and do tell them with passion but also with competence. In the field of extra we spotted Mark and Fausto: right now we have understood their preparation; but what surprised us most was the their passion for this product that is truly immeasurable. A passion that we start to have ourselves and that we are sure will grow with this course. "

Why apply directly to buyers and chefs and not to end users? "Because if we manage to involve those who make the kitchen a professional level (and so is the example to follow) and those who sell the product to the dealer (and therefore the reference food) will probably be able to enthuse a large number of people to Italian products. "

di S. C.