World News 30/11/2014

The olive oil world giants are betting on Spain

Huge investments in Cordoba both the Portuguese Sovena and the Spanish Deoleo. In Italy no investment is planned or for quality control or for olive

Sovena, through its subsidiary Elaia, had purchased nearly 500 acres of land in the countryside of Cordoba and now provides for the development of this farm that will be managed by the method superintensive.

The initial project plans to plant 1 million olive trees, for an estimated production in 5 years a million kilos of olives. The company will employ 80 people.

The varieties that will be planted are Arbequina, Sikitita and the new 6-10, that still does not have a trade name.

Soon, 500 acres, according to the draft Sovena, 250 more will be added, bringing the agricultural area to 700 acres olivetati in Andalusia.

The project is very similar to Sovena Projecto Tierra launched years ago by brothers Salazar, when he still had control of Sos Cuetara (now Deoleo).
The stated objective by the brothers Salazar, who wanted to spread the intensive system, was to reach the 10,000 hectares planted in the world to get to cover, in the space of ten years, 30% of the demand for olive oil group Sos Cuetara. In reality, the project never went beyond the 2,400 acres actually planted and was finally dismantled by the new leadership in 2010.

Deoleo now deals only with olive oil trade globally. The challenge is called quality control and it is for this reason that he decided to invest 600 thousand Euros in the renovation of laboratories Alcolea (Córdoba). The new laboratories will address three key areas: innovation, quality and food safety. In particular, the pole will develop products with higher added value.

"Quality and knowledge are the two major challenges - Jaime Carbó, CEO Deoleo - It is essential that the industry remains to quality to improve product quality and prevent fraud and cases of asymmetrical competition; and it is essential that the industry has more scientific support. Only then can we develop products related to health, to the benefit of consumers. "

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