World News 14/12/2014

The Turkish extra virgin olive to 3.5 euro per liter threatens exports

Olive growers and bottlers are launching the same warning: the risk is to lose market share in the United States, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia. Called for government intervention

Public aid to be allocated to keep prices in wholesale and retail.

In recent weeks, in fact, the extra virgin olive turkish rose from 7.5 Turkish lira per liter (2.62 euro) to 10 Turkish lira (3.5 euro).

An increase as sudden as to alert operators that expect a further rise in prices.

A scenario that worries Cahit Çetin, head of Taris, the leading cooperative in the country who fear a real "boycott" by consumers if the retail price rose more than 20 pounds per liter.

Çetin added that Turkish prices are too interdependent by Italian and Spanish markets, although Turkey has not yet reached the "turning point of the season of harvest."

Tenor much like the fears expressed by Gürkan Renklidağ, responsible exporters of olive oil Aegean, who recalled how the current prices are not conducive to export and there is the real risk of losing market share in some countries such as the US, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Renklidağ then asked the Ministry of Agriculture to double the amount of production, tying him to a drop in prices of at least one euro per liter.

di S. C.