World News07/08/2014

CVC-operation Deoleo. Who is trying to blow up the financial operation?

CVC Partners destined to take control of the Spanish Deoleo but someone is still trying to row against the deal. Is just speculation?

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World News31/07/2014

Insect-resistant genetically modified cotton MON 15985 for food and feed uses

The EFSA GMO Panel could not conclude on the potential occurrence of unintended effects for agronomic and phenotypic characteristics owing to data limitations

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World News30/07/2014

Finland’s love of milk has been traced back to 2500 BC

Scientific results show a clear link between an incoming pre-historic population, milk drinking and the ability to digest milk in adulthood still visible in the genetic distribution of modern Finland

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World News25/07/2014

EU adopts its position on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms

The Council today adopted its first-reading position on a draft directive granting to member states more flexibility to decide whether or not they wish to cultivate genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on their territory

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World News18/07/2014

Farmers need to plan for changes in new farm bill

Although signup is months away, agricultural landowners and producers need to begin planning for decisions they will have to make because of the new farm bill, according to LSU AgCenter economist Mike Salassi

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World News14/07/2014

Good performance for South African wine exports

France, Italy and Spain were key drivers. Exports to Germany, the largest destination for South African bulk, grew by a quarter

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World News13/07/2014

The food and nutrition situation in parts of Kenya is worsening

According to the Kenya Humanitarian Partnership Team, of which World Vision is a member, lack of a timely response to an already worsening situation could lead to an emergency level comparable to that experienced in 2011 horn of Africa drought

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World News13/07/2014

The debate in the United States to increase consumer confidence about GMOs

Studies have found mandatory labeling laws will raise food costs for America’s families in the checkout aisle, impose unnecessary burdens on farmers and food producers and ultimately eliminate biotechnology from American agriculture

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