Voices 02/02/2009

The taste of ideas and freedom

This is a new monthly on-line periodical, produced in Italy but open to the world, without exclusion of countries, persons, races or creeds. Quite a challenge! It is an ambitious periodical about food and nature and their roots in the culture and civilizations of the earth, embodying landscape and the pure pleasure of travel.

In writing about food, agriculture, landscape and environment (topics no less important than others that command more space), we want to go beyond reporting the usual and well known, trying new languages and approaches.

The Italian on-line weekly “Teatro Naturale” (https://www.teatronaturale.it/), founded in September 2003, has been widely acclaimed. Its approach has been dialectic, without any limit to opinions, even the most controversial, since we believe that the best way to portray the world is to photograph it in all its truth, without hiding the shadows. With the decision to seek a wider and more variegated public, we shall continue to pursue the same aims that were successful in Italy. We’ll do our best! Publication of the first issue of “Teatro Naturale International” on 2nd February 2009 is an important day for us!

The monthly periodical will contain original articles that complement those of the Italian weekly. You can enjoy discovering the various sections for yourselves! This first issue will bring a breeze from Italy into your homes. We too are excited about this “first time”. The staff looks forward to having your feedback, so let us know you are out there! We’ll have all the latest news for you. Good reading, until the March issue!

“Teatro Naturale International” – the first Monday of every month.

di Luigi Caricato