Voices 07/09/2009

A glass of wine, and a lot of health

A moderate and regular consume of wine is good for health allows to maintain a perfect equilibrium for the body. Hence, wine is the best drink for siding meals and also a great drink by itself.
In the context of the so-called Mediterranean diet, the Bacchus’ drink entered the culinary culture of many people during the last millenniums. Hence, it was unavoidable that it would assume nowadays a central role all over the world, sometimes as object of disputes.

The alimentary regime is very important for health. It has been always calibrated with seasons and different religions developed a series of rules that imposed an equilibrated alimentary regime, differentiated by sex and age. Among these rules, some regulated the use of wine, normally allowed in pureness only to adults, that is that people that was part of the so called “group of elderly people”. On the other side, wine was prohibited to young people, since it added “flames on flames”; an energy fire was not advisable in the everyday life. Plato itself advised to not assume it since eighteen, since he considered that it was unnecessary until that age.

Seneca invited people to moderation: modicus sibi, medicus sibi. And he was completely right. Also the famous Schola Medica Salernitana pushed the value of a health and moderate alimentary regime. Of the same opinion was the Camaldolese alimentary regime, which dates back to 1000 AD, which imposed the rotation of some foods during the years, such as grains, eggs, milk, bread, pods and vegetables. As expectable, wine was considered the best possible drink to foods.

During the past, the tangles among medical theories and customs were very common. They relied on a fundamental principle: the moderate eating and drinking are pivotal for the body and soul wellbeing. A suggestion that should never be forgotten.

So, following what emerged from the first cultures, it is nowadays necessary to trace the way of the dialogue between wine and food, looking at scientific evidences and not at emotional aspects. A glass of wine, drank with moderation, is necessary to be heart’s ease and in peace with the world.

di Luigi Caricato