Voices 01/02/2010

Teatro Naturale International, second act

Then, we are now in our second year of life, with Teatro Naturale in its English-speaking monthly version. This is an online publication for international readers; done in Italy but addressed to the entire world.
Our opening as publishing house is actually dated 2003, when we débuted with the weekly Teatro Naturale, completely in Italian (https://www.teatronaturale.it/)

A lot of time is passed since that début; in this time we consolidated our position as a newspaper headline, with a great success of readers, both in Italy and abroad.

Now we are proud of the work we did since now, in which we presented to the general public an innovative cultural model, with agriculture in the foreground. Our cultural background is entirely agriculture. As a matter of fact, the second main theme of our works, diet and gastronomy, came up only in a second time.

Then, strong of the success we had in Italy, we decided to look elsewhere. Now, after the début last February or Teatro Naturale International, it is worth making the point on what we realized in these months.

We decided to point to an international audience, conscious of the hard challenge. Our efforts were mainly concentrated on the quality of the contents, trying every time to make clear and to develop some of the most discussed themes or, some other times, presenting ourselves new subjects for the debate.

We concentrated a lot on the agro-alimentary production, from wine to olive oil and to every fruit of the land and of the work of people. There will be other themes to debate and we will do our best, trying to employ a style and an approach suitable for everybody.

Our public is varied. United States lead the league, with a 33% of our readers. Then follow Philippines (16%), Italy (7%), Canada and Australia (5%), United Kingdom (4%), Malaysia and India (2%), any many many others, from Japan to France, Porto Rico, Germany and Sweden.

Our main goal is to transmit the Italian point of view on agriculture and on the culture of food, i.e. on those themes which are connected to the triad agriculture, food and environment. The popularity of the Mediterranean diet still preserves its attractive power and we will not disregard to discuss about wellbeing.

Our goal for the future, starting from this second year online, is to give space to new themes and new points of view, in order to represent the feelings and the ideas of many other countries. This will make the Teatro Naturale International project even more shared and choral.

This is not easy, but we will make our best. We are not expecting prompt results, observable in the short middle term. For the moment we will sow the seeds, hoping in copious fruits.

Our intentions, with Teatro Naturale International, are the same of the Italian version: to make culture, making more aware at the same times both the farm world and the more wide and composite food and gastronomic tourism world. This is the challenge which is becoming a mission for us; we are trying to give voice to the people that produce food and, at the same time, which is custodian of the land and landscapes, preserved thanks to their active presence.

Then, we will see what will happen in the next months. We are at the beginning of a new decade, hopefully made of peace and calm. In the mean time, we wish you to enjoy the read.

di Luigi Caricato