Voices 03/01/2011

When it is good.. is good!

Yesterday, when I came back home, I found that Maia, our domestic assistant, put on the table a peraski and a katleti, a small bread of flour, potato and onion, yellow and lucid like a gold bar, and meat balls: brown disks so similar to the classic mondeghili of Milan, meat ball made with the leftovers. Hence, meat balls rules.

Maia is from Georgia, a former Soviet province, and those bread and meat balls have at the same time an exotic and a local sound. Why?

Perhaps because there is a circularity in the tastes and a universal ability to transform the sources in food, both able to abolish any farness and prejudice.
That poor but extraordinary bread was very good, crunchy outside and tender inside, able to melt in the mouth, and those meat balls had the right softness.

The love for the ingredient, the sense of tradition coupled with curiosity, make me say that when something is good.. is good!

di Gualtiero Marchesi