Voices 04/04/2011

It is important to learn how to chew

We have to learn how to chew, because the flavors are inside. This "inside" is the newest and most shocking challenge imaginable.

Those who squabble on the persuasive, pleasant, and ultimately, useless external aspects condemn themselves, exchanging the intuition, the magic wand, the whim, the extravagancy for the essentials.

They think that something complex is synonymous with deep, or even worst, true. On the contrary, the truth is always naked.

Many good artists, after a long and successful battle against the technique, have been illuminated by the matter. A process which is probably natural at a certain age.

I recognize myself in this need to abandon the excess of technique such as one does with a too rich and heavy dress, to throw myself at last on the ground or in water, if you prefer.

Only the matter contains all the possible shapes. I’m in the same way inside the Michelangelo’s marble or inside a piece of meat, a broccoli or a shellfish.

di Gualtiero Marchesi