Voices 02/05/2011

Too simple to tell biodiversity

Diversity is something that we face every moment in every stages of our life. It is a natural gift for us to get rid of monotonous boring activity of life. Human beings are diverse in its nature, feature and character. Society is diverse in its culture but nature is diverse in its creation. And the endless verity of natural diversity is considered as biodiversity in this planet.

Whenever wherever you open your eyes in front of greenery you can see different shades of greens that give a different dimension to each plant of this greenery. And you would find this amazing diversity in every part of this natural universe. From plants to animals, deserts to dense forest, you would enjoy the drastic diversity in one biological platform called nature. So biodiversity is the essence of the natural phenomena.

A large area where the natural ecosystem with its native species get preserved and well represented along with the associate communities of that ecosystem is called biodiversity hotspots. Here you would found a huge diversity of local species that cannot be found out of the particular hotspots. To keep the value of hotspots biodiversity intact we need the help of biodiversity conservation.

There are two stages to identify the hotspots biodiversity. First the area of endemic species has been identified and then the experts have decided weather this area is a future threat to biodiversity or not. If the result is positive then that area is declared as biodiversity hotspots. The conservation of this area specially involves the effort of local activity and regional planning.

From an analysis it is shown that there are eight specific areas which are considered as biodiversity hot-spots areas. This is the indication of destruction of some species. Among these areas four are tropical forests and rests are Mediterranean zone. By identifying these hot spots areas we can help those endemic species for their habitation. The whole concept of conservation of biodiversity hotspots explicitly implies the biodiversity loss of our ecosystem.

Nature offers this biological diversity to fulfill the different needs of human life. This diversity leads the sustainability and activity of our socio economic structure for its betterment. But in our generation this natural diversity needs our help for its own sustainability. How can we forget that we are living our life in the edge of biodiversity loss? There are so many reasons behind that loss. Over explosion, pollutions, changes of climates and lands cause the biodiversity loss in our generation.
In the form of development of our economical, social, industrial and technical issues we are passively destroying our ecosystem. To achieve technological success and scientific progress we don’t bother to use natural recourses for experiment. This biodiversity loss would make us witness of destruction and devastation in the lap of nature itself.

So to get fid off this devastation we need to be more serious and focus on the preservation of biological diversity. Never forget that we are the child of nature. So if we lost nature we would lose our existence with identity. Be safe by protecting biological diversity of nature.

di David Richardson