Voices 06/06/2011

Wines are the people who make them

I love the elegant wines; I don’t like those which are all structure and muscles. For example, between the wine I’m referring to and the wines that win competitions, there is the same difference that exists between Cary Grant and Sylvester Stallone. It is a matter of taste, of character: wines are the people who make them.

The subtlety lies in their complexity, agility, like a performance of artistic dance. This is a result more difficult to achieve than the superficial desire to impress in the first and only shot.

The greatest reason for being of a wine is to accompany and "dance" with food, contributing to make the eating experience friendlier.

The choice of investing in wine is a way to give continuity to the past.

The difference between buying or commissioning something – I’m thinking to the old paintings hanging in the house, whenever we still maintain the payment record in our archive- it's huge.

Who, today, seeks for prestige, chooses, in most cases, an immediate advantage and visibility.

With us, the measure is represented by duration, by doing something which lasts, by defending the equation between originality and tradition, landscape and culture.

di Duccio Corsini