Voices 04/07/2011

The shop window of knowledge

We always lay a step behind the possible quantity and quality of communication. I notice this every day, by watching and listening at what people say about food. How they eat and how they comment the food that they tried.

It seems that the classical word of mouth between who knows and who might know is not working anymore. In the old days you learnt this at home or in the shops.

I remember the fantastic shop window of a Milanese slaughterhouse, where the shopper had for any cut of the beast the best suggestion to give. The technical naming was sided by the best hints. There was a knowledge that was passing though eyes and from mouth to mouth. Questions and answers were made in order to get, at the end, to the treasure, the synthesis, i.e. the recipe.

The recipe, is described properly, is the lemma of an encyclopedia, where it is possible to find everything: geography, climate, history, tradition, but also the personal and collective inspiration.

di Gualtiero Marchesi