Voices 01/08/2011

Mid-summer dream, or not?

It is summer and I have a dream: a tepid dream, realizable; almost a September dream.
I’d like to set up, as soon as possible, a laboratory, i.e. a kitchen without orders, without the day-by-day life of a restaurant. In the last years I was enthusiast of the dialogue with the customer at the table to listen, explain or even just chatting about the food. Nowadays a feel the need of a more relaxing place, where I can concentrate and rethink one by one all my recipes.

My recipes are almost two hundreds, and now I would like to spend my time to dialogue with them, with a mixture of sentiment and curiosity. I’m dreaming a laboratory in which I could also give lessons. A nice and concrete place, open to discussion, both platonic and aristotelic, far and away from the laboratories where a chemist, an architect and four cooks are closed together.
In the meantime I have in my hand a powder of tomato and I’m using it to create a simple and material dish, as I like it.

Basmati boiled rice, a bit of olive oil and a red snow; Ca pummarola in coppa!

di Gualtiero Marchesi