Voices 02/01/2012

Let's be proud of working in agriculture

End of the year: time of assessments and good proposals for our agriculture and, in general, for the Italian agricultural system, called to new challenges and commitments to overcome many difficulties. As the Minister for agricultural food and forestry policies Mario Catania said during a recent press conference “the primary sector has great potentiality”. It is true: in today’s difficult economic-financial junction, Minister Catania emphasized some key concepts that is very important for our magazine, and, in modest opinion, deserve attention. The first one regards the awareness-frequently absent in our country – on how important the Italian agricultural industry is. There is nothing more true.

The Minister spoke of a sector, wrong considered “residue and assisted”, and of the following need of a new responsibility, renewed confidence that must invest those who work in the promotion, valuation, discovering of the agricultural sector, that is the training force of our economy. This, motivated and strong, j’accuse, launched by Minister Catania, must not be ignored by the mass media, if it is true, and it is, that some part of the public opinion and of the government consider the agricultural sector to be marginal and non incisive in the promotion of an economic and social development model, that is shared and winning.

We share the opinion that the role of the agricultural companies in the territory is decisive, and essential, as it is in the economic dynamics. And to confirm this it is sufficient to mention the success that still today the agricultural Made in Italy products have in the world.

Aiol, in consideration of this challenge, renews its own commitment, in the certainty that a punctual, up to date and certain information, can present an element of growth and re-discovered cohesion. There are important questions to be addressed: the Cap reform, new regulations for agricultural companies, fiscal measures that must not penalize a sector and that must award production and those who make agriculture, but also controls on security and quality, competitiveness on foreign markets, new opportunities for the young and women who wish to dedicate themselves with commitment and enthusiasm to work in the primary sector, a model of an eco sustainable development, the environment protection and the decisive contribution that agriculture has in all of this.

In the end, what do our farmers ask? A higher simplification of the procedures and a more effective and easier normative, price stability, despite, the co divided rules that must be respected. These are all objectives that the Government knows well and that will be viable in synergy with the Regions and the professional organizations. The road designed by Minister Mario Catania has already shown its first fruits. A road that is the result of unchallenged experience and professionalism, and that have worked with diverse dynamic that have concerned the sector: competitiveness of supply chains, the Made in Italy promotion, fight the market crisis, credit access for companies credit, Eu politics, support to production.

These are the main pillars of intervention, keeping in mind the Italian farmers and consumers’ interests. It is true: the international scenario is not the best one, and the austerity politics, promoted by the Governments must correspond to the needs of growth and development. Today more than ever our life styles and our way of using primary resources are under discussion. Water is a rarer and more precious resource, the world asks for more food, and food safety is an issue, to be addressed by stronger normative and financial instruments.

These are roughly the moves on the horizons and that our sector must address. It is not foolish to believe it is possible, but it is a fight that the agricultural system can and must win. The media world must collect useful elements to create a constructive debate, opening to an increasingly bigger audience, offering news, communications and spaces to – institutions, associations, and employers - those want to interact.
Aiol will continue to give information, working hard to be up-dated in its contents. And at the same time we wish to send our best greetings for Christmas and the New Year.

Source: Aiol

di Alfonso Lo Sardo