Voices 06/02/2012

Cuisine is a Teatro Naturale

From long time Teatro Naturale hosts my opinions, in a sort of note book of my considerations, my memories and my programs.

This is very useful and fun, since while you are deep into your job with all the stress and contingencies that come with it, having a free space, without any prejudice and in complete freedom, allows you to tidy your important thoughts up. But this time I’d like to chat on the term Teatro Naturale (eng. Natural Theatre), which is a title that we have in common.

The restaurant is a Teatro Naturale, with its diverse and connected stages: the kitchen and the hall.

In the restaurant in Erbusco the kitchen is separated from the hall by just a glass wall, which becomes transparent just lifting a curtain.

But the composition of the dishes, the sequence of courses and everything that happens in the hall are theatre, indeed.

Both in Milan and in Franciacorta, in the Marchesino and the Erbusco restaurants, respectively, I reintroduced the gestures of the maître.

We slice and press the duck body in front of the client, and it is the client himself that acts in the end by eating the food.

Together with the word and the image, the gesture is important; when the gesture is inspired by consciousness and simplicity, it is necessarily Natural.

di Gualtiero Marchesi