Voices 04/06/2012

Daring the possible

Luigi Caricato

Never give up, believe me. It is necessary to keep trying and being bold, without any hesitation. This is the basic rule of my life. It is part of me, part of my nature. Whatever happens, I’m convinced there is the chance to leave our mark in history. It doesn’t matter if the history we make is something just limited to the personal sphere or to a limited number of people. For sure also small things contribute to success. This is the reason why everybody can give their small contribution in making the common house, comfortable for everybody. As a matter of fact, our society lives this deep crisis mainly because people are not able to impress a change in their individual lives but they just wait for a change to come from outside.

Even if our Country can be slow in changing and shows despondency signs, I’m every day more convinced that the difference can be made by the action of single persons. I received a simple education, where two values were regarded as pivotal: work and freedom. These two aspects are the propulsive forces of history. There is always work, believe me. Even when unemployment seems to be a big problem. I know this can be very controversial and perhaps offensive to someone, but work is something that should be invented and created. We don’t need to sit, waiting for a standard and convenient job to come.

For instance, there is a chronic shortage of skilled and unskilled workforce in the countryside. I know that agriculture is not regarded to as a socially rewarding job, and that most of people avoids this job because it doesn’t meet the economic and social expectations of young and elderly people, but we can’t go on in this way.

It is blind to think that agriculture can be avoided just because it is not economically rewarding. This is neither right nor true. We all need agriculture. Moreover, if agriculture is done properly, i.e. with a project in mind and a strong basis to build on, economical revenues can be interesting. However, if the Country keeps looking at agriculture as a humiliating job, we won’t get out from the present state. What many people tried and are trying is to work on the way society looks at agriculture by creating a culture of good food, and by subtracting food to the mechanisms of marketing. When consumers have just saving money in their mind, they humiliate themselves and play the same game as the plungers of the market. Moreover, they make themselves responsible for people that are forced to leave agriculture because they cannot find any economic or social gratification in their job.

Thinking everyday about the reasons why food and agriculture lost their role in our society, I came to the conclusion that this is because people is just at the mercy of the egoism that pervades our society. People are often unable to realize the lack of sense of some of their habits. But, at the same time, they complain about the pervasive unemployment without seeing that there are jobs that they are not considering as such anymore.

Even if agriculture seems not to deserve any attention nowadays, in some way we need to get out from this cul-de-sac, which is so detrimental for our society and that undermines our relationship with land. Probably because I’m optimistic, I’m sure we will be able to get out from this impasse. We need to be brave, for sure. What we probably lack is the will to try something difficult and the braveness to do something for ourselves, without being conditioned from what society says.

di Luigi Caricato