Voices 06/08/2012

The need for a new peace

The widespread opinion about Rio+20, the UN summit on sustainable development held in Rio de Janeiro (20th-22nd of June 2012), is that these kinds of events lost their potential. A new pace is needed.
As for the problems discussed in Rio, open but not solved problems indeed, it would be important to face and solve them in the EU first. As a matter of fact, despite the great work of the European Commissioner Janez Potocnick, the role of EU has been quite minor in the meeting.

Just before and during the conference the important role of the European companies in sustainable economy has been clear, both as for the investments and the size of the companies and for the innovations presented. However, these elements are not a European model, yet.
The world of no profit organizations has increased its relevance but the reciprocal diffidence that exist between governments and no profits clips the EU’s initiatives wings.

The head of the Agriculture and Environment sector of the CESE, Mario Campli, in his talk on the 11th of July, in the plenary session of the organization that represents the European societies, stressed this problem and invited his colleagues to change strategy. He asked the European representatives to develop fruitful relationships between companies and no-profit associations.

There are plenty of companies that are investing in different areas of the sustainability world but they are poorly visible. It is necessary to stimulate transparency and responsibility, but it is necessary to show the positive stuffs that are going on, too.
Let’s drop ideologies and let’s take care of the destinies of people.

di Alfonso Pascale