Voices 01/10/2012


The most fascinating word to me can be found under R in the dictionary: this word is Respect. Even if sometimes words are used in an inappropriate way, just the fact to use them can be a good sign and can represent the will to stand against some disrespectful behaviors we see everyday.

Using a wise and virtuous word like “respect” is also a good omen. However, we have to keep in mind that sometimes people pretend to be respectful, but it is not. For instance there are people that pretend respect at the beginning of a personal relationship, just to attract the other; then, they reveal their actual personality and their will to feel good by destroying others. As a consequence of these situations, I learnt that it is important to listen our heart when it gives us bad feelings about someone.

The idea to change others is just wrong. We can invest as much energy as possible in a relationship but, if it has a flaw at the origin, it won’t work. There are people that are not satisfied by someone’s generosity; they want to exploit everything, here comprised themselves and their victims.

Every time I think about the lack of respect that characterizes many personal relationships nowadays, loads of sad examples come to my mind. I always try to describe examples that everybody can understand, based on personal or close situations.

Sadly, this is the reality. Evil is among us, and sometimes it is even in us. Most of the times we cannot just get rid of it. Besides the terrible times we are living, and in particular the horrific crisis of many economic areas around the world, the word respect seems to be fallen into disuse. The saddest thing is not the lack of respect itself, something we are sadly quite used to by now, but the indifference of people that are in charge to monitor; they lack of respect against those who ask for justice and respect.

Will we ever achieve justice despite the fact that as time goes by we always face the same problems?

di Luigi Caricato