Voices 03/12/2012

Democratic oil

Along all the years I worked with olive oil I developed a clear idea of oil as a product. I want to propose the concept of “democratic oil”: oil made by using olives from everybody and for everybody.

For centuries olive oil has been the privilege of rich people; now is a product for everyone, instead. This is so true that sometimes we find in superstores the opposite paradox, with grossly low prices. This is a problem that will need to be solved soon.

I think it is necessary to enhance everything that derives from that great fruit that is olive. I’m passionate about every possible oil deriving from olives: from the pomace to the virgin and extra virgin olive oil. In other words, I stand against people too choosy about extra virgin olive oils; I stand for democratic oil. I’m equally keen to cheap but genuine extra virgin olive oils and to super-expensive fancy extra virgin olive oils.

I would actually advise against both too expensive oil and too cheap ones. As a matter of fact, too cheap oils can hide an adulterated product or an offensive labor ethics. In any case, a responsible consumer should avoid too cheap oils, in order not to side unethical policies that companies are many times forced in.

Olive oil is a precious but daily product. There is no point in imposing extremely low or high prices. However, if someone want to pursue the idea of the perfect oil, with high nutritious values and unique sensorial profiles, they are welcome. But this must come at a reasonable price.

I think that oil is for everybody. In each bottle there is the soul of the farmer that produced it. In every bottle there is the farm.
Our main target now is to give the farmer back their dignity, too many times trampled by iniquitously low profits.

di Luigi Caricato