Voices 01/04/2013

Pope Francis gives hope to agriculture and environment

These days a new sensibility towards Nature, environment and landscape has a spokesperson among the highest: Pope Francis, who in his speech as well as talking about power intended as service, about responsibility of those who take decisions and govern, explicitly referred to role that each and every one of us has in the conservation of what exists, in protecting the environment, in promoting sustainable and integral development models, that create richness while safeguarding the environment and nature’s beauties.

These are very important and significant words, pronounced by one of the most important opinion makers in the world and that influences the social and political dynamics all over the world.
So good news for the environment, for all the subjects that in different forms protect its prerogatives and promote its potentialities, despite thousand of difficulties. The focus words of this new sensibility, reaffirmed in eminent way by the Pope, are green economy, respect of the environment, sustainable development and biodiversity, promotion of alternative energy, protection of agriculture, safeguarding of a safe and quality agri-food system.
It is not by chance that one of the most influential economists of the planet, pioneer of a development system that is in tune with the environment, Jeremy Rifkin, today, after the words full of hope spoken by the Pope on this issue, speaks of the “Franciscan interpretation of the protection of the created” and of a new vision of progress and growth “with which to enter in harmony for the common good”, in a prospective of altruism toward the next generations, of “harmony with other than self, of the human being as a part of a context of which it is protector.”
These are the words of great encouragement for all those who are working to protect the environment, for those who work in agriculture and in the agri-food sector. It is a signal of hope that will only produce positive effects. The Ministry of agriculture together with Minister Mario Catania is fully committed in protecting the work of farmers and it has often reaffirmed the concept that protecting farmers’ work means carrying out an implicit action towards the protection of landscape, environment and nature.
The first protectors of the territory are the farmers, with their love for the land that they cultivate and for the landscape where they work and live. It is along this concept that the Ministry’s actions turned towards defending the primary sector in all its forms. Nature is an asset that belongs to everybody and quoting the German philosopher Heidgger “He who respects the environment safes earth and does not command it nor enslave it”. Thank you, Pope Francis.

Source: Aiol

di Alfonso Lo Sardo