Voices 07/10/2013

A bottle of Coca Cola instead of wine

While eerily recedes the area under vines in that part of the world, the Mediterranean, where the vine has found over thousands of years its natural habitat, they arrive more than encouraging news for producers from the world trade and world trade in wine, growth 5%.

The President of the Italian wineries (UIV), Domenico Zonin , speaks of a healthy sector and are "very satisfied with this situation that starts to be positive for our industry, in spite of the difficult economic situation. It seems that the sector has drawn the widest possible benefit from the reduction in supply which occured a few years, generated in part by the effect of grubbing with premium in Europe and parts of two years because of the poor weather, finding it difficult to find the right in product one of the strongest allies to buffer the effects of the global crisis "

I started this with my note a fact that speaks of the constant reduction of the area under vines in Italy and in the Mediterranean, alarming for me, which, however, is the satisfaction of one of the most important wine producers as well as president of the historic Union producers, processors and traders of wines in Italy.

Two different points of view, if not opposite.

It must be said that if you stop the process of further loss of area under vines, which means not only less vineyards, but also less wine, and soon, unless cellars, especially cooperatives, our Italy will no longer be wine country but another thing that , at this moment I can not think and which , in any case, not a food its excellence .

In practice areas shattered by a strategy that looks only to the profit for the profit and which also explains the loss of that daily relationship with the wine to the benefit of other beverages , including beer and soft drinks such as Coca Cola, not surprisingly, taking advantage of the situation, is entering all Italian homes with two-liter bottles that are thinking about the bottle of wine once .

And this happens today , when it is easier to have a good red , white or rosé , at a price competitive with other drinks , what leads through careful communication and , above all, a counter , to give the wine its place at the center of the board to continue to tell everyday wine culture .

For example let you know the wine, a glass , thanks to its components is good if you drank every day to accompany lunch and dinner , unlike most beverages advertised that create health problems and this is demonstrated by data such as those discussing an increase in cases of diabetes.

Without the culture that the everyday life of the table can also tell the great wines, over time, risk, unlike the profits that will soon find other destinations by those who no longer considers the wine a good investment.

This suggests that there is no randomness in the results above but specific strategies that follow the logic of a system in crisis for those who work or ages and not for investors who, at this time , realizes a profit unthinkable in the past. Strategies that come from far and that , in the presence of a policy that does not govern but leaves his profit this specific task and wine led him to be more and more just a drink for the elite, there is the risk of an uncertain future for this our noble beverage, which has always been able to satisfy the king as the people.

To pay, as always, will be the growers and territories and, also, consumers, and a glass of wine for lunch and dinner, they could get a good dose of health and well-being.