Voices 04/11/2013

The parable of the Italian wine should be an example for our country and its policy

We have make the recent history of Italian wine the parable for our country and its policy. We started from the methanol scandal, that provoked very serious damages both in economic and image terms, but we have managed to change the data, to modify the situation and make wine become the absolute excellence of the Made in Italy.
When speaking about wine we have to talk about the passion and human contribution of our farmers, who, even in difficoult moments, have kept their chin high. We have to help them to work better using correctly the CMO wine resources and focusing on simplifying the norms. It is not possible that our producers have to spend their precious time dealing with bureaucratic issues. Another important issue is the internationalisation: our wine is better than the French one, I am sure of it. The French are better from the commercial point of view and this is a gap that we have to fill, entering the markets where we are least present.
Our territory is an extraordinary one, it is an asset. Focusing on land we can find the solutions to exit the current crisis. Under our feet lies our treasure. We have to introduce a new norm, the “awareness” one, remembering that we are able to combine our abilities with the available raw materials and their link with the territory. If we manage to realise how import it is to work as a team, we will be able to contribute to the development of our country.

di Nunzia De Girolamo