Voices 03/03/2014

I fell in love with the Expo 2015

The Italian agri food sector has a very important and difficult match to face and we want to play it with all our efforts and commitment, taking into consideration that this sector has exceptional numbers and potentiality. We already know this and in the current situation it is clearer how important it is to build a new economy for the country. An important part of Italy’s re-launch can start form the Italian agriculture and fishery That is why I will begin to work immediately in this direction, in order to win the challenges we have to face. Beginning from the most important passages: the CAP, the Collegato Agricoltura, Expo 2015.

These are crucial issues for our agri food sector, a sector that needs to develop. We should focus on designing a project based on a complete vision of the sector’s and its protagonists needs. An ambitious and coherent project that is able to offer a strategy for the following years.

Relations with the Regions are very important for the future of Italian agriculture and fishery and soon. I will organise a meeting with the councillors of agriculture in order to set out a team work. As a Minister I would like to be a reliable and certain interlocutor, we have to pay attention to the needs of the territories. This is a decisive effort, especially if we remember that we are in eve of important appointments such as the EU Italian presidency and Expo 2015.

I fell in love with the Expo 2015 and I believe that it is one of the most extraordinary opportunities we have, not only for the sector but for the whole country. I would like to thank Giuseppe Sala and Diana Bracco for the splendid work done together so far and I would like to continue one the same road to develop all the Expo’s potentiality.

Among my main goals, there is also to focus on the employment of the young. Italy has to improve a lot, compared to the EU media. We have to use the tools we have in order to give answers to our youngster.

di Maurizio Martina