Voices 05/05/2014

Environmentalists need to study marketing

Environmentalists can not speak of happiness. They know , however, perfectly scare anyone listen to them discoursing of a man that had holocaust natural , therefore, must begin to reduce their claims on Earth.

That in a nutshell: we need to make sacrifices for a futuristic collective good.

Entrepreneurs speak instead of happiness, such as innovation and the exploitation of resources, natural and otherwise, can create wealth.

That in a nutshell : the consumer capitalism can give you a comfortable and wealthy life .

There is no match, won 3 to 0 to table the entrepreneur.

That's why environmentalists must begin to study a little' marketing: taking care of people's happiness.

The bigots of course there are obnoxious, worse when a little ' know-alls , if we add to the mix the request of hardship and sacrifice, the mixture is deadly.

I suggest a marketing course, because even the ideas and good principles must know how to sell.

Marketing teaches that you have to sell to meet the needs of the people. Some specific terminology is full of references to happiness. To find out if a product is enough sugar confectionery, it is called bliss point.

The aim of marketing is thus inherently very noble: happiness. An idea inserted directly in the U.S. Constitution .

The bad reputation of marketing is therefore not dictated by the idea but the means, or rather the means which serve to achieve the purpose.

Coca-Cola, to cite one example, in the 1960 took possession of all the commercial spaces in sporting or cultural events for families. So tied its brand to a moment of happiness, making it everlasting in our memory. A very clever trick.

So how can we sell the idea environmentalist? The most shining example is the mayor of Trevi and delightful olive groves around the city, a place of pilgrimage for families and young people happy. A picture sometimes is worth more than a thousand words.

di Alberto Grimelli