Voices 31/05/2014

The real value of Italian food

Despite the economic crisis, the demand for food made ​​in Italy from all over the world to grow again.

A supply that does not come only from countries more traditionally importers of Italian food, such as Germany or the U.S., but also from India, more and more attention to the consumption of olive oil, cheese and pasta; from Brazil, where they grow out of proportion Italian restaurants and ice cream parlors, as far as China, Russia and Australia are sensitive to the dietary habits of the West and where our products are particularly sought IGP of the Mediterranean diet such as pasta and mozzarella.

The Italian has many markets to protect and so many to explore.

The Made in Italy does not recognize just behind a brand or a label. To play a key role is the "Italian food" factor guarantor of quality, taste and sustainability of our know-how.

The italian food is synonymous with culture, well-being, that is even more balanced nutrition and lifestyle .

This is the added value of Italian food and agri-food sector that with courage, despite the difficulties and the ongoing fight against counterfeiting, looks more and more across the border. Export as an outlet and profitability; as a trump card to not succumb to the crisis. As a lifeline for many little activities active in the field of fashion, design, furniture .

But when it comes to food made ​​in Italy immediately speak differently inflected narratives of Italian, with considerable potential for expansion in terms of GDP, employment, caused us all to be generated.

We are in the field of Excellence: products that are the pride and the pride of Italian production, the reason why the "Made in Italy" has made its way in the world.

Italian food is an extraordinary witness of our history; its use and its evolution are closely related to places, the social fabric, available technologies, the Culture around the food that we have been able to generate. The more we are able to protect and amplify this space, the more we can reduce the commercial spaces of counterfeit products that boast to be Italian without any title. For this reason it becomes important to encourage new generations to the awareness of a unique and valuable asset, because the food is good not only good for your health, but contributes significantly to the economic revival of our country.

The Università dei Sapori strives to provide an authentic interpretation of Italian food and prepare professionals in the food and catering industry in a position to present to the world, in terms of style and distinction, the added value of Italian food.

The chef expresses a professional in flux, its cuisine is made of research, respect for the traditions and history of the area but also from contamination and techniques. Many of our students become entrepreneurs and ambassadors of Italian food and wine . Enhance local production have a positive impact on the armature , the consumer approach to food with an ethical and responsible manner. They are able to convey the food as a cultural product reinforcing the feelings associated with sustainability. Bring us closer to taste through memory, because the food is culture, memory, value.

This sensory experience only the real Made in Italy can express. And when all this is done, we were able, as Italians, not to defend this or that product, but linguistically and conceptually, what we are.

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