Voices 14/09/2014

More promotion for EU produtcs after the Russia's ban

Promotion programmes are one of the CAP instruments which can be used over the medium term to address the market difficulties expected in several sectors as a result of the Russian ban, helping producers to find new sales outlets within and outside the EU.

The European Commission will continue to closely follow developments on the EU markets and will take new targeted actions at European level if necessary. It is very important to use all short term emergency measures in the best way and to develop new outlets to strengthen the resilience of the European agri-food sector.

We have reinforced our European promotion tools for agriculture and food products, reallocating 30 million EUR. This is part of the solutions to overcome this difficult period, but it also gives medium and long term perspectives to the agricultural and food sector.

I am ready to assess the relevance of compensation claims for producers. However, to be efficient, any such measures must be well evaluated and targeted at those farmers that are the most affected by the Russian ban.

As for the fruit and vegetable emergency measures suspended this week, I will come in the coming days with targeted measures for the most affected countries with additional funds.

The farming sector has a strong potential. I am confident that, together, we will get through this difficult period.

di Dacian Ciolos

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