Voices 31/10/2014

From ill-fed to well-fed

Just a step away from Expo2015 we question the theme that will guide him: "... feed the planet" and we think the proper management of environmental resources, the conditions of de-nutrition which affect a substantial part of the world population, the preservation of the one, how to solve the problems of the other. To observe the situation well, you can see the opening of a very special scene involving us regardless of color, class or portfolio.

We are separated from the differences that mark the evolution of the species and the race toward different goals, which inevitably have left and are leaving behind the weaker. It 's the money that makes the difference, and if we combine the concept of the money supply, it is easy to conclude that the time when things started to change irremediably, may be marked by a look that defined the radical change the role of Agriculture: production of food to the production of money.

This has not only increased the distances, adding to the population of de-fed, the ill-fed. Of mal-nutrition are not a victim of the poor of the earth, but the most advanced theory, the result of the mutation unaware of the concept of Agriculture, which has given the proper nutrition play a marginal role, removing the direct control of the consumer and causing it to receive a quality related to advertising, convenience, easy to manage in the kitchen.

In this crowd consisting of ill-fed, to see whether conscious or unconscious, are fundamentalists space power, ordinary people, professionals and all those who are victims of what Ernesto Calindri fifty years ago, promoting a well-known bitter sitting in a chaotic crossroads in the center of Milan, called "... the strain of modern life." It 'was the evolution of industrial agriculture to create mal-nutrition, and this is where you should focus the attention of those who still work in agriculture while respecting Nature, Seasons and Time.

To do a good calculation, just with a little 'attention to move from the ranks of the ill-fed, to that of well-fed. It depends on us, no one else. It 'just a different time management. Of our time. Dedichiamolo the choice of what we eat, dedichiamolo to discover the scent of what they bring to the table, dedichiamolo to our table at home. Without running. Let the aroma and flavor of the apple, the taste of carrot, an egg or cooked fish does not know. Let the scents of extra virgin.

Maybe we discover a product that smells good is also good and is good for us.

di Maurizio Pescari