Science News 07/06/2010

The French viticulture tries the transgenic way

The agriculture Minister Le Maire, after the ok of the Biotechnology council, authorizes the test in open country of a GMO vine

France will continue the testing of transgenic vines in the Alsace countryside; this is the announcement of the agriculture Minister, Bruno Le Maire. ”I will authorize the tests in open country of a GMO vine”, said the Minister, “This initiative, decided together with the Ecology Minister Jean-Louis Borloo, will employ all the necessary precautions”.

The National Institute of Agronomic Research (Inra) of Colmar asked the agriculture Minister to continue the tests, began in 2005 and completed at the end of the year 2009, on 70 transgenic vines. The last 4th of April the Biotechnology council, created after the Grenelle Environment Agreement, gave the ok to the initiative.

According to the Minister: “It will take four or five years to have results. If they will be positive, there will be another testing to verify the employment of such vines in open fields. The future of agriculture it is also based on innovation and research. We cannot miss this opportunity, obviously taking all the necessary precautions. A conservative vision of agriculture is harmful”.

di Graziano Alderighi