Science News 15/03/2011

Scientists seek alternate fish feed ingredients

Scientists from various regions of the country are conducting research to find alternative ingredients to prepare food for fish.
The main objectives of these initiatives are to lower production costs and reduce the impact on the environment.
The first results of the Aquabrasil project were presented on 1 March at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company (Embrapa), in Pantanal, Corumbá.
According to Roselany Corrêa, a researcher at Embrapa Amazônia Oriental, in Belén, experiments will include the use of dende, sunflower and coconut flour, among other products.
They will also use mango flour, passion fruit waste and Amazon fruits for the production of rations that serve to feed the tambaqui fish, one of the species that is being studied in the Aquabrasil project.
Correa said that it is necessary to refine the studies to select the best food choices.
"We can help organizations to work with the agencies responsible for rural extension, so that this knowledge reaches the farmers," she added.
Meanwhile, Márcia Mayumi, a researcher at Embrapa Agropecuaria Oeste, in Dourados, presented some interesting results related to sanitry conditions, safety and prevention.
In addition to academic and scientific studies, Aquabrasil is generating information regarding health-related practices.
Two of the constructed reports are 'How to send fish to the laboratory for disease diagnosis' and 'Main parasites in tilapia cultured in Santa Catarina.'

di S. C.