Science News 23/05/2011

Organic food market to double in six years

Revealing findings from an in house study, the online retailer of Green and Organic Products confirmed that the demands for organic food are stronger than ever and are growing worldwide upwards of 20%.

“At this growth rate the market will double in size in 6 years or less,” says Green N Brown Evangelist & CEO Naina Vaish, “this reconfirms that consumers, by and large, understand and appreciate the benefits of consuming organic food.”

Through this study, the company further revealed that Organic Foods market in the US has been growing at 21%, far ahead of the conventional food market that witnesses a growth rate of 5% or below. However, the strong demands are a global phenomenon and are rising in the US as anywhere else.

“Change will and is happening bottoms up,” added Vaish, “we have been saying and believing in this forever. It is heartening to see these results from our recent study where we can see the change being validated”.

This study comes in conjunction with the recently launched ‘food carnival’ at Green N Brown where additional discounts are being given over daily deals in a bid to promote organic food and make them as affordable as possible.

“We realized that while our daily deals and discounts are good we can better them,” added Vaish, “we certainly want to enhance the savings and hence this new campaign. We now offer bulk discounts on already discounted prices for all organic food and beverages that we are offering. What’s more, we also ship free for spending more with us”.

di S. C.