Science News 02/10/2011

Organic food in Danish restaurants

Is has become easier to find organic food and beverage in Danish restaurants. Altogether 100 large-scale-kitchens - among them 19 restaurants - now use a new organic label to market organic food to their guests. All these kitchens have been certified to use one of the three Danish organic labels that show how large the amount of raw materials used are organic.
The Danish Minister of Food, Henrik Høegh, welcomes this development, which at the same time offers more choices for consumers and creates greater demand for organic food products:
“Danish consumers buy increasingly more and more organic food and Denmark is among the countries in the world with the highest demand for organic products pr. capita. The organic labels offer a great opportunity for canteens and restaurants to expose their organic offers and during this summer more and more large scale kitchens show interest in being approved to use the organic labels. It is my wish, that even more restaurants and cafés will use the organic labels in the future, and therefore the Ministry is planning new initiatives to promote the organic labels.”
Facts about the Danish organic labels for large scale kitchens
In September 2009 the first operator was certified to use the organic label for large scale kitchens and the interest from the operators is continuous positive.
The organic labels that may be used by large scale kitchens show how large the amount of raw materials used is organic. The share is given in percentage intervals: 30 – 60 %, 60 – 90 % and 90 – 100%, and large-scale kitchens with 90 – 100% organic raw materials are allowed to call themselves organic – e.g. “Organic Restaurant”.
Before registered as users of one of these labels, the kitchen is to send a summary showing that the organic share of the raw materials used during the previous three months has been within the relevant percentage interval. The kitchen is then registered and the authorities subsequently carry out inspections to ensure that the kitchen complies with the conditions for using the relevant label.

di S. C.