Science News 11/09/2012

New treatment for plant virus plaguing agriculture

After years of laboratory research, scientists have finally found a treatment for the deadliest plant virus that has been ravaging agricultural crops since 1886. A small group of scientists at RNA Pro’s laboratory in Los Angeles celebrated with a series of cheers as they witnessed history. They intentionally infected plants with the deadly Tobacco Mosaic Virus, those that were given the newly developed treatment never exhibited any of the debilitating symptoms the virus normally causes. In fact, those infected plants that received the treatment thrived and exhibited renewed vigor. Infected plants usually show multiple symptoms such as, discoloration of the leaves in the form of spots, streaks, or a mosaic pattern, and mutated cells that weaken the plants’ structure causing misshaping or contorting. The fact that the plants showed none of these symptoms due to their treatment with RNA Pro’s new miraculous formula is nothing short of amazing.

“This formula is a major step forward that will help protect farmers and gardeners from the devastating effects of viral infections, no doubt this will lead to an increase in production and the quality of the finished product” said Dr. Carthew of RNA Pro. These infections can cause farmers to lose about 20% of their production at minimum, but they may lose their entire harvest in extreme cases where the infection is severe. It is estimated that the economic damage to agriculture due to viruses is in the billions of dollars annually. These viruses are not only responsible for decreased yields, but they are also responsible for poor quality products. Unfortunate farmers whose crops have become infected with the virus are in a tough situation where they are not able to sell their product at high enough prices to counter the decrease in yield. Using RNA Pro as a preventative is a new, safe, and economical way for farmers and gardeners to avoid the risk of crop failure due to these viruses.

The secret formula that RNA Pro has discovered contains a prohormone, which is metabolized by plants into a hormone that is responsible for increasing the production of protein coatings. These specific protein coatings are special, in that they surround the genetic material in a plant and prevent single stranded RNA viruses from attaching and hijacking the cell reproduction process. This means that even though the plant will still host the virus if it is infected, RNA Pro will prevent the virus from locking on to its RNA and damaging the plants’ tissues. RNA Pro is a treatment that can be used as a preventative, but it is not a cure. RNA Pro must continue to be used to be effective or the virus will eventually regain control and the mutations will proliferate.

RNA Pro is the answer to treating a wide range of tobamoviruses that can infect a number of plants. A complete list of the viral strains that RNA Pro is proven to be effective against is located at Tobamovirses infect a wide variety of crops such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, tobacco, cannabis, potatoes and more. RNA Pro works every time and the company guarantees that you will be 100% satisfied with your plants immune systems’ ability to resist viral infection or your money will be refunded.

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