Science News07/06/2010

Sequenced the genome of Pseudomonas savastanoi

The sequencing of the genome of this pathogen opens the doors to the identification of the genes responsible for the virulence of this bacteria and its survival on the philosphere

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Science News07/06/2010

The French viticulture tries the transgenic way

The agriculture Minister Le Maire, after the ok of the Biotechnology council, authorizes the test in open country of a GMO vine

di Graziano Alderighi
Science News27/05/2010

To reduce leaching of nitrogen into waterways

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Science News21/05/2010

Aflatoxin-resistant corn lines

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Science News15/05/2010

No-till farming improves soil stability

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Science News03/05/2010

A sensor to aler when the plants are thirsty

At a farm in Colorado beans attached to leaf sensors used 25% less water with the sensors than the plants did when watered using standard irrigation practices

di Graziano Alderighi

Science News30/04/2010

New Hydrangea cultivars for landscape gardens

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Science News27/04/2010

Highest-yielding salt-tolerant wheat

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Science News16/04/2010

Cellulosic ethanol

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Science News14/04/2010

Sequenced the genome of two influential bulls

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Science News05/04/2010

Long and fresh life for your flowers

US investigations might help boost the vase life of favorite cut flowers and shelf life of prized potted plants

di T N
Science News31/03/2010

Unique and innovative solution to air pollution

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Science News05/03/2010

Scientific controversy about atrazine

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Science News01/03/2010

Soybean genome was mapping

A team, supported by United Soybean Board, has already yielded new discoveriesNew soy products aid in sustainable agriculture

di S. C.