Olive & Oil 04/04/2011

The winners and the finalists of the Olio Capitale Contest

The winners are two organic extra virgin oils from Sicily and one organic oil from Tuscany. A Spanish farm from Jean obtained the highest ranks from the consumer and the restaurateur panels. It is worth think about these results

That’s true: the olive oil contests are useful, sometimes. They are useful in selecting the quality oils and to present them to those who do not know how to choose among the many labels on the market. Who wins is always deserving the award, at least in most the cases. The contests help the producers to improve themselves and to confront each other, because the losers ask themselves why. They ask why the competitors were better, and therefore they always attempt to run after and imitate them, trying to improve the quality of their products.

And now the results of the fifth edition of the Olio Capitale competition, held in conjunction with the homonymous event in Trieste. First of all, it must be said that behind the Olio Capitale Prize there is Teatro Naturale. The target of the concourse was not to undermine the meaning of competition and not to trivialize a so precious occasion. Then, over the 260 samples received, only 15 oils where allowed to participate the final selection, competing for the first prizes in three categories: light fruity, medium, intense. Given the strict selection, all the 15 finalists were very high quality oils. A part from the absolute winners, also the oils that gained consensus from the different panels getting the highest ratings deserve to be kept in very high consideration.

The pre-selection was carried out by the official panel of the Department of Food Science, University of Bologna - Cesena, head by Lorenzo Cerretani. From this pre-selection 15 finalists, five in each category, were chosen. Finalists were then judged by three different panels: the consumers (after a short course to acquire basic knowledge of tasting techniques), the professional users of oil (namely restaurateurs and chefs), and, finally, the professional tasters.

At the end of the evaluations, the winners for each category were elected. Moreover, honorable mentions were also assigned by the different panels, identifying the oils that got the highest ratings. Here, therefore, the results of the 2011 Olio Capitale Contest. The winners were proclaimed in Trieste on March the 21, but the prizes will be awarded in the next months at a time and place to be determined. We will keep you updated.

di T N