Olive & Oil 04/07/2011

New oil during the summer

The last 17th of June Cryo Oil was presented in Italy, a frozen extra virgin olive oil, born from an idea of Donato Creti. A group of oil producers from Tuscany agreed on the production rules

The official presentation took place in Impruneta, a small town close to Florence, one of the capital cities of the Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and of the most ancient traditions of the Italian gastronomy. For the first time it was presented to the public the Cryo Oil project, after a period of testing by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Science of Vegetal Production Department of the Polo Scientifico di Sesto Fiorentino research center.

The mind of this project is Donato Creti, researcher in food science, that after years of studies and testing has finally started the practical realization of his project: the Cryo extra virgin olive oil.

The basis of the project is a very strict selection of oil producers of Tuscany that were able to provide oils for the freezing treatment with very peculiar chemical and sensorial characteristics. These parameters selected oils way beyond the already high standards of top-range quality extra virgin olive oils. The possibility to couple oil productions and freezing techniques was already discussed in Italy in the past. But this was made in a too strongly market-oriented way, skipping the years of studies and analysis that Cryo Oil underwent.

This will be an extra virgin olive oil always ready to use, preserved in all its sensorial characteristics all over the year, and always with the same fragrance of the just-pressed oil. This is an important success for the preservation for a pivotal product of our cuisine.

Source: Claudio Mollo

di S. C.