Olive & Oil 04/07/2011

Greece fights against the adulterated oil

This is how Greece reacted against a scandal that could make a terrible damage to the image of the Greek oil in the strategic American market

The Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food is investigating on cases of sale of adulterated oil in the United States, which were labeled "Greek extra virgin olive oil" and it is ready to impose sanctions after receiving the necessary evidence.

The services of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food were informed by an unofficial complaint that some bottles, marketed in the United States with the label "Greek olive oil", contained non-standard olive oils and that their content did not correspond to their label.

After the complaints, the Economic and Commercial Affair Office of the Greek Embassy in the US ordered a sampling of the bottles for the chemical testing.
The analysis performed by the laboratory of General Chemistry of the State demonstrated that the samples where derived from adulterer oils.

The Office of Economic and Business Affairs in New York seems to have found the incriminated product in the local market and will provide all the information to Greece in order to take action and prevent further doubts on their productions.

di Graziano Alderighi