Olive & Oil 07/05/2012

No more malaxation. Just an electric shock

Short pulses created by a strong electric field to enlarge the pores of the cellular membranes and facilitate the outflow of the oil. The new machine being tested at the Centre de Recerca I Investigaciò de Catalunya

"We have improved the process of extracting olive oil, using a technology based on a pulsed electric field," said Arturo Portugal, research engineer at the CRIC (Centre de Recerca I Investigaciò de Catalunya - Barcelona). A Malagon in central Spain, a small company is testing a new module for the extraction of olive oil dale.

The idea is to apply an electric shock before you squeeze the olives, using short pulses generated by a strong electric field, and these, widen the pores in cell membranes, facilitating the extraction of oil.

Portugal explains that "The electrical pulses generated by the machine, through the olive paste, with the result of obtaining more oil extracted from the same amount of raw material. Furthermore the electrical impulse that opens the pores of the drupe olive oil makes it easier Also get the oil from unripe olives. "

The owner of the company where we held the trial - Aniceto Gomez-confirmed the quality of the device and reported that "To ensure the best quality of oil is important to remove it without heating the olive paste and the car's design facilitates this extraction process, making it possible to extract oil from the best green olives even at room temperature. "

The pilot plant, which currently can "treat" six liters of olive paste will extend to the second, after the trial developed within an EU project, the technology to full production levels.

The new technology, says Arturo Portugal "It will improve the competitiveness of the olive oil sector, increasing productivity."

di Antonio G. Lauro