Olive & Oil 07/05/2012

Everything derived from olives is an agricultural product

The whole variety of oils derived from olives must be considered as high quality vegetable fats. It is important to recognize the existence of the quality pyramid. At the top there is the extra virgin olive oil, where the best quality resides

Someone could consider this trivial, but there are still people around that don’t get this simple point. What must be clear is that oils derived from olives, in all their forms, are agricultural products. As a consequence, all olive-derived oils on the market, keeping in mind their differences of course, are still agricultural products. This means that on the shelves there are no oils derived from olives that can be considered as industrial products. This is a serious mistake.

The extra virgin olive oil, the virgin olive oil, the olive oil and the sansa oil are all agricultural products. This is a fact, since they are either the direct derivate of an agricultural product -both the extra virgin and the virgin olive oils are exactly the same as a fruit juice- or the derivate of a processed vegetable product –i.e. processed and made edible from the lampante oil or from the sansa, a solid residue of olive processing.

That is all. There is nothing difficult to understand.

We just need to get rid of an old preconception. Everything derived from olives is an agricultural product.

di Luigi Caricato