Olive & Oil 05/11/2012

A wine style model for the launch of the Argentinean extra virgin olive oil

Repeating a winning experience, based on marketing and quality, is the key to organize and plan the short and long term development of the olive oil industry

The private investors and the governments of five provinces in Argentina have decided to implement a strategic plan for the olive oil industry to be realized in the next 10 years. Some targets are: to increase the sales abroad, to organize and plan the development in the short and log term, to secure the constant increase of the value through a commitment to high quality.

One of the original proposals was the hiring of a few business and marketing experts, able to adapt the strategies which worked very well for the Argentinean wine industry.

This was too simple an option, though, since Argentina is a leader in the wine industry, but its oil productions are too marginal, and new approaches and strategies are needed. Therefore, while the main goal of the wine industry was to expand selling to consumers from abroad in order to commercialize the huge surplus of wine produced, especially by means of keeping a good price to quality ratio, the new plan for olive oil has taken a slightly different shape.

The plan hopes to convince the market with “with extremely high quality and the highest possible added value, guaranteeing sustainable and harmonic growth of the industry chain”.

Nowadays, olive oil from Mendoza province is one of the most prized in the country and its quality is in line with the world market demands. The provincial government has recently passed the “Origene Mendoza” bill to regulate the production of extra virgin olive oil from the region, in order to secure the highest quality and remain competitive on a worldwide scale.

di Ernesto Vania