Olive & Oil 05/11/2012

The professionals of olive oil

There are many and diverse professions connected to the product that is conquering the world. Nowadays olive oil is no longer an ethnic food of the Mediterranean area, but became an intercultural product that charms everybody

Luigi Caricato, oleologist

Which are the professions connected to the olive oil world? In the following a list of the main careers regarding the product production process, from the fields to the bottle.

Olive farmer: this is the one that physically grows the trees.

Olive presser: who physically gets the oil in the olive mills.

Agriculturalist: this is the specialist that assists the farmers in the setting up of the olive groves and that suggests them specific farming techniques.

Oleologist: this is the one that is able to coordinate the whole productive process, from the tree to the bottling stage; he advises the farmer, the olive presser and the bottling companies. The oleologist is a new career that is the sum of different expertise, such as the alimentary technician, the cultivar expert (since he creates the blends for the market) or the oil tester, which certifies within a tasting panel if the product can be classified as an extra virgin olive oil.

di Maria Carla Squeo